This blog has been hibernating for a few months. Meanwhile, I have changed job, city, country…

nerds her you go! the CTRL+ALT+DEL PARTYThe new academic year is about to start, so it is time to put this blog back into action. I hope I will have time to play with themes and settings before students find this.

This, by the way, will be the main change: from now on, this blog will be solely for discussions with my students – present and also past if they so wish. While previously I posted some reflections about teaching in this blog, I have decided to keep those separate and so a new blog will soon hit the RSS readers. If you find this, let me know and I’ll tell you where I hide.

Meanwhile, sit back, enjoy what is left of the holiday if you still can, and get ready to rock&roll…

Fifteen minutes of edublogging fame

I should comb my hair and sort my clothes… I am expecting visitors!As a newbie edublogger, you don’t expect to get that much community attention… but this morning I read this really interesting post by Sue Waters and posted a comment on it. Sue is always kind enough to reply to all her comments, but this time she went a lot further and quoted me on her next post!

So if you have dropped by following her link, say hello. As you can see, we are still under construction, but we hope to have this place up and running soon. I might put one of those fancy Clustrmaps up just to enjoy the red dots… I am, after all, enjoying Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame. (Image by Feistypoo)

Andy Warhol

Under construction

This blog has been a bit “out of office” lately, and it is probably time to revamp it a bit…

(Image by Ben Scicluna)

I have been reading a lot from other more experienced edubloggers, including super-edublogging guru, Sue Waters, and getting ideas as to how to make this blog gain momentum. So I guess over the next few days (while the Easter break lasts) I will be trying to add more stuff to it. I also hope to find new ways to bring my students through here. I will be updating more of that progress lately, but keep dropping by to see what I am doing with it and give your hints.

What this is NOT about

Writing a blog is about being read and causing discussion. However, not everything is acceptable.

This is an educational blog. This means I use it to discuss aspects related to the things I talk about in class, which I find relevant or vaguely interesting. Of course it is less “academic” than teaching, and there is more room to be amusing or fun.

On that spirit, one of my first posts was a word play linking something we had learned in Physics with a football game last week. Some people played along and there was a fun discussion there while we all memorised the order of the EM spectrum.

But just today, perhaps feeling too relaxed after their exams, a group of students decided to spam that entry from the school computers. Therefore, I am forced to take the following actions:

  • Delete those comments from the site (only the ones posted today)
  • Introduce comment moderation from now on. This means that a message posted to the blog will only be posted once I have seen it and approved it.
  • Following from the previous, I will only allow comments with a recognisable name and email address.

Eventually I might have to consider closing comments down to only registered users, but I believe that would be defeating the purpose of this blog.

This will either be a useful tool or a meaningless pastime. It’s up to you.

In the beginning…

A start of term is as good a time as any other to start a new project. It might help to know where it is going, however…

In this blog I intend to post reflections about my Science teaching, interesting contents for my students or fellow teachers, and anything else I stumble upon that might fit in an edublog.

Y como soy un profesor bilingüe, los textos serán en castellano, inglés, o una mezcla de ambos.

On with the show…