The world will not self-destruct next Wednesday

I had promised my Year 8 class to post a link to The Elements Song, by Tom Lehrer; well, here is a link to the flash version, and also to the lyrics.

But I keep having people meeting me down the corridor or in the cafeteria asking me about “this experiment that may blow up the entire planet“. So I try to calm them down, and tell them that the people at CERN are the kind of people who know what they are doing. After all, these are the same people who invented the World Wide Web and it works pretty well, right?

As far as I am concerned, I am looking forward to visiting CERN next November with my Year 13, and I am quite certain it will not have been sucked up by a black hole by then. And I get even more excited by that after seeing this amazing set of images.

So after you have read all the above, clicked all the links and convinced yourselves that you don’t need to cancel your date on Thursday night, I leave you with this wonderful Large Hadron Rap. Enjoy!