What this is NOT about

Writing a blog is about being read and causing discussion. However, not everything is acceptable.

This is an educational blog. This means I use it to discuss aspects related to the things I talk about in class, which I find relevant or vaguely interesting. Of course it is less “academic” than teaching, and there is more room to be amusing or fun.

On that spirit, one of my first posts was a word play linking something we had learned in Physics with a football game last week. Some people played along and there was a fun discussion there while we all memorised the order of the EM spectrum.

But just today, perhaps feeling too relaxed after their exams, a group of students decided to spam that entry from the school computers. Therefore, I am forced to take the following actions:

  • Delete those comments from the site (only the ones posted today)
  • Introduce comment moderation from now on. This means that a message posted to the blog will only be posted once I have seen it and approved it.
  • Following from the previous, I will only allow comments with a recognisable name and email address.

Eventually I might have to consider closing comments down to only registered users, but I believe that would be defeating the purpose of this blog.

This will either be a useful tool or a meaningless pastime. It’s up to you.